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Access Development Services & Microsoft Access Support Fees

Database development is our profession. We have been providing Access DB development services full time since 1994 and have worked with other larger database systems since 1977.  Our MS Access programmer’s mission is to create reliable, user-friendly Microsoft Access databases at a good price with unequaled customer service & support.  If our databases don’t work then you don’t pay.

Access Development Services:

Microsoft Access Hourly Support Services (See our consulting rates)

Free Services:

We have Access database clients across the US and around the world. We work with organizations, small companies & corporations.

New Development Services: QuickBooks & Microsoft Access Integration

QuickBooks ODBC (QODBC) interface supports QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, Enterprise and Simple Start editions are supported.  Full read access is allowed and read/write access is allowed on most QuickBooks data objects.

We can provide almost any add on feature you need for you QuickBooks data such as advanced queries; additional supporting information such as detailed communication data storage for customers, contacts & vendors.

Summary of Service Technologies

Access/VBA HTML PostgreSQL
ASP.Net C# Illustrator Quickbook
C InDesign/QuarkXPress Reporting Service
C Builder Javascript Silver Light
C# Lightswitch SQL Server/Azure
Camtasia Studio Magento VB.Net
CSS Oracle WCF
Delphi Pascal WordPress
Firebird Photoshop WPF
Foxpro PHP Access Cloud DB

Access Database Development Products 

We sell some of our Access case studies off the shelf database templates.  If your requirements match the current case study functionality then we will be happy to sell you a copy.  All of our software comes with one year of both technical and error repair support.  Demo versions are available for these developed products.

Our most popular Access database software for sale:

  • Warehouse Inventory Management:  This database has been widely used by cable and satellite equipment installers to track each device as it goes in and out of inventory.
  • Asbestos Survey Database System:  Tracks building space sampling for suspect asbestos containing material and provides analysis results tracking.
  • Contact Management Database:  Offers assignment of contact to multiple classifications and provide for cross-classification filter of data with automatic emails with/without attachments and fax capability.
  • Preventive Maintenance Software:  Assists in the scheduling of preventive maintenance on machinery such as pumps, filters, etc.
  • Work Order Software:  If your business involves the installation and service of equipment then this database may be perfect for you.  Do you have billable and non-billable service calls, warranty vs. non-warranty equipment?
  • Most of the other case studies have been written for a specific business’s requirements and are less likely to match your requirements.

We offer discussions on a wide range of topics shown on the upper left-side menu.  As well as several articles about data processing and software systems.  Some topics provide information which may be useful in your search for a Microsoft Access development consultant.  Other areas highlight our unique capabilities and broad experience.

Our developers create Microsoft Access business solutions to facilitate management of data analysis and streamline business procedures.

  • VBA programming code will provide data validation and user-friendly features.
  • We never use macros or overly complex coding.
  • Your database will be easy to maintain by us or any of the 1000’s of contract Microsoft Access programmers available across the country.

Concerned Microsoft Access is to Slow for Your Business Database?

Many people have concern regarding the speed and capacity of Access databases.  When designed correctly, Access databases can hold surprisingly large amounts of data without becoming too slow.

Is Microsoft Access the Best Database for Your Software Application?

Has someone told you Microsoft Access should not be used for development of your database? See a discussion of this topic to determine if Microsoft Access is right for you. We believe Microsoft Access is the best application available for company departments & small businesses. With proper design, Access software applications run well on the Internet/Intranet and serve as the primary database for small business and departments within large corporations.

We have Access database clients across the USA – from Atlanta to Houston to Phoenix to San Diego & several foreign countries (Australia, Japan, Canada, etc.). View a list of our recent MS Access clients.

Why not call us today to discuss your objectives? No upfront payments and there’s no cost to you until you receive results and are satisfied with them.  When we are finished with the project the programming code will be owned by you.

User Interfaces are Basic to a Successful Microsoft Database

Visual presentation including layout and style are an important part of all database software applications. There are sample screens scattered throughout the site, this link goes to additional MS Access database form samples/examples.

MS Access Development: Reliable & Efficient Access Databases

If your Access developer uses published computer textbook examples or the Microsoft North Wind database techniques to develop your Access database then you can get duplicated invoices, payments, parts in your database. That is why Microsoft Access has a Find Duplicates choice in the Create Query Wizard – Microsoft knows duplicate records will get into the database if you use their published methods.  We employ professional methods to build table and database designs that prevent duplicate, orphan, corrupt records from getting into your Microsoft Access database.

Microsoft Office:
MS Access 2000 Through Access 2016 and Office 365
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