Connect MS Access to ODBC Databases

Connecting to ODBC Databases is indispensable.  If you have all your data centralized in a corporate database system such as Oracle, SAP, MAS 90, but you find it nearly impossible to access the data you want and retrieve it in the format you need. Your MIS department may be understaffed or just overworked. We can help you by developing a custom Access ODBC front-end Access database that links to your corporate database.  This will provide a window for you to view your corporate database just the way you want to see it.  You can have roll-ups, summaries, statistics and other views of the data and with the press of a button you can display the details associated with a summary record.  You can also quickly create your own queries to answer those what-if questions.  We can develop custom queries to extract just the data you need, in the format you require.

The following is a sample of a view of complex corporate information (Oracle) combined with local Access data on an Access form.  This single form replaced 15 separate, nested forms.

Please see our Data on the Web where you can combine this front-end technology with Intranet/Internet data access all at once with rapid implementation.  This can be the most efficient method of sharing corporate information with workers and customers because you don’t need to worry about distributing an application – everyone at your site can have access via their Internet browser.

If you need a Microsoft Access custom database designed quickly and efficiently or you have a database that needs conversion or modification then contact us.  We work in ODBC and standard Microsoft Access databases.

Access Quickbooks ODBC

New:  Interface Access database to Quickbooks.  Supplement customer data with contact information, convert prospective clients into actual clients with a click of a button.  Access connections with Quickbooks QODBC program facilities database connections.

Below shows ODBC Quickbooks to Access connected tables show up as any other liked ODBC tables in Access: