Staffing Agency Software

Track Consultant & Agency Recruiter Revenue Against Target Goals

Our consultants were contracted to create recruitment agency software solution including analysis of revenue from consulting and agency direct placement revenues. Control of weekly time data and associated revenues for placement agencies can be a daunting task for medium to large placement agencies. The primary goals of the recruitment agency management software database where to:

  • Manage clients information and client contacts

  • Calculate recruiter commissions and director commission values

  • Analyze weekly revenue vs. weekly revenue goals for directors and recruiters

  • Provide highly efficient data entry for weekly consultant time

Many of our database case studies are designed around a simple yet powerful user interface design – the tabbed interface. Our employee placement software solution provides a flexible and efficient design providing ease of use to the end user.  Push button and drop down filters provide enhanced flexibility on our employment agency database systems.  These design features reduce the need for multiple data review screens and popup screens.

The personnel placement database main menu has tabbed selections for contractor Weekly Hours, Contractor Details, Direct Placement information, Reports, and List maintenance.  All of our databases are managed by lists of choices where ever possible.  This user-controlled lists provide great flexibility and customization potential.

One of the primary requirements of the database was to reduce workload by creating a highly efficient method for entry of consultant weekly time data.  Weekly time sheets arrive on Fridays.  The user first enters this Friday’s date and then clicks the create new records button.  The system automatically creates records for each contract consultant and allows the user to tab from the hours fields for each – all the weekly consultants’ hourly data can be entered in just a few minutes.

Control of agency placed consultant’s contracts illustrates another powerful feature of this consultant agency.

The screen below contains data entry fields for all of the details concerning contract personnel placement and an area at the bottom for detailed information about each contract assignment. A complete history is available for both active and inactive personnel placements.

Staffing Agency Software

Simpler than the contract consultants is the direct placement date for employees that were hired directly by the clients:

Staffing Agency Software

As with all of our databases, we strive to provide flexibility and longevity by making the database list driven.  This screen shows the list maintenance function.  In particular, this example shows how the commission levels are managed as well as the recruiter and director revenue goals.

Agency Lists

To help analyze the direct employee placement and consultant placement revenue we created a robust report which displays revenue against goals year to date as well as projected goals through the end of the year. Additionally, the report calculates agency recruiter commissions and agency director commission amounts. Similar data is displayed in a graphical display further below.

Agency Profit Details Report

Below is an example of the graphic data output from the placement agency management software:

Agency Profit Tracking Graph

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