How the Access Database Development Process Works

How We Get Started With Your MS Access Database Development

While there can be many variations to the following process, we have found our typical new-database projects follow development steps listed below:

  • Contact Us

  • During our initial discussion we will try to get a general understanding of the scope of the database.  We will ask about the number of users, data security requirements, remote users, and your computer network.  We should be able to provide you with a broad estimate of the cost of the database after the initials discussion(s).  Note that our quote estimates tend to error on the high side.  Fixed price quotes will be developed a little later in the specification process.

  • We prefer a single point of contact within your organization.  Time and work will be required on your part.  If you don’t have time to spend working with us to develop the specifications for the database then please don’t contact us.  Too many potential clients find that they don’t have the time or patience to respond to our requests for information.   Lack of commitment on your part will cause the project to fail.

  • What we will request from you:

    • An outline of the key functions of the database

    • A discussion of the workflow as it relates to the database

    • Highlight of any special requirements such as connection to QuickBooks, web sites, internal/external databases, spreadsheet import/export.

    • A list of reports with a brief description

    • Finally we will request a listing of each data field in the database.

  • Will contact you to discuss the detailed requirements outlined above and we will usually create the relational table design and then review this with you.

  • At this point we can provide a fixed price quote for the project.

  • A typical Access project (3-15 days) will often be broken down into several deliverables.   If you authorize us to start then we will develop and deliver the 1st deliverable.  We typically estimate 3-4 calendar days for each work day on a project – so a project that takes a week of programming will usually take 3-4 weeks of time to complete.  This estimate depends on your availability.

  • After some re-working and fine tuning of the first deliverable, based on your input, you may accept this work product at which time we expect payment for time spent to date.   If you are not satisfied with this deliverable then no payment is required and the project will stop.

  • Upon your approval we will continue to develop the next deliverable of the project.

  • After the project is completed we will fix any programming errors at no charge for one full year.

  • Technical support will be provided for one full year free of charge after development is complete.

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