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Our Founder’s Microsoft Access Consulting Credentials

Mr Dean has developed in the following program and database languages:  ASP, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, PL/1, C++, Paradox, Ingres, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and SAS.  He has served in several positions ranging from MIS Department Head to independent consultant, and has worked directly for several Fortune 500 corporations including Exxon Corporation and ICI Americas.  His education includes a Master of Science degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and he has attained one of the highest computer industry certifications – ICCP Certified Computing Professional (CCP).

From the website:

‘The ICCP is the standard which others covet.

That’s because ICCP, the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals, is acknowledged throughout the information and communications technology sectors as the most authoritative source of professional certification.  Our CCP examinations demand a high degree of professional competence from those who pass; consequently, the designation is powerful evidence of the high level of attainment of a true Certified Computing Professional.
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Certified Computing Professional

The following lists of projects demonstrate a wide range of technical experience.  All of these tasks were part of regular job duties in various positions held during the past 30+ years.  These were not short-term Access consulting jobs:

Capture and analysis of groundwater & waste water pollution data
Litigation support database (Valdez oil spill)
Pharmaceutical safety evaluation
Job cost analysis
Equipment maintenance tracking & scheduling
Research grant acquisition and project management (NSF)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS – Valdez oil spill)
Stocks and options trading analysis
Voice recognition
Optical character recognition
Environmental pollution evaluation
EPA/FDA Standard Operating Procedures management
Department manager
Business development (Blue Claw)
Laboratory automation
Industrial safety reporting/analysis
Pathology Laboratory data analysis
Teaching – comparative anatomy
Teaching – embryology
Teaching – advanced Basic programming
Teaching – advanced racing tactics
Teaching – sailing
Quality assurance audits
Building construction management
Disaster Recovery Planning
Company archives management
Construction supply
Computer facility design
Computer facility/system management
Database administrator
Applications development group management
Computer network design
Clothing salesman
Designed first non-invasive method for recording fish respiration
Clinical photography
Controls analysis process (CAP)
Analysis of the affects of SO2 on lichen distribution in West Virginia

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